It’s so hot out here. I need to find a tree to sit under.. Or something. I can’t wait til I grow up, I’m gonna live by the beach so it never gets over 100 degrees! Wait, what if he doesn’t see me waiting under a tree and keeps driving?? I’ll just wait here where I can be seen. He’s probably around the corner anyway. When did he call? He said he’d be here in 10 minutes. Oh, he called an hour ago.. Maybe he got caught up with something. Or maybe he went to buy us toys and that’s why he’s taking so long! Of course! Or what if something bad happened? What if he got in an accident? That has to be it! That’s why he hasn’t gotten here yet.. What if he’s dead?! What if my dad’s dead? No. No, no. It’s so hot out here. I can hardly make any saliva. Summer sucks! I can’t wait to move. I’ll never live in a desert again. I need water.. I’ll just run inside real quick! I don’t see his car, there’s no way he’ll get here before I get back with some water! Go go go!! Ew, running made me so much hotter. Sweat is rolling down my back, gross.. At least I have water, I guess. I can hardly catch my breath, I’m so thirsty. Water never tasted so good. Soda’s pretty good though. I wonder if we have any soda. Do we have snacks? Maybe I should get some snacks. It’ll be like a picnic while we wait for him to get here! Sweet. This’ll make the waiting more fun! Yay, back under the blazing sun.. How long has it been? What time is it? It’s six in the afternoon.. He was supposed to be here at three.. It was three, right? Maybe I heard wrong. Maybe he meant six.. Or something. At least the sun will go down soon. Will mom let me wait out here in the dark? Probably not. She’s gonna get mad.. Why isn’t he here? She’s gonna get so mad. He’s always late. Maybe I should buy him a watch. Yeah, when I grow up I’m gonna buy him a watch. He always loses track of everything. I’m not surprised he doesn’t know the time, he doesn’t even know our birthdays! Poor dad. Well.. I ate all my snacks.. The sun is still cooking my skin. If only I could rip off my skin. I bet I’d be a lot cooler. Oh no, my leg fell asleep.. I hate this feeling! That’s what I get for sitting on a rock instead of the dirt. Stupid.. Oh! I’ll draw something in the dirt for him! It’ll be a nice surprise! He’ll  like it. I’ll make it super huge so he can see it from super far away! Yea! I hope he brings toys! Maybe he’ll  take us to McDonald’s. I want a happy meal.. Yuck, moving around is making it hotter out here.. What time is it? Where is he? Did he forget? He’s so forgetful. I wonder if he’ll forget my birthday again. Maybe I’ll get him a watch that has a calendar. Do they make those? Oh no. Mom’s calling for us. She’s gonna be so mad. She always gets so mad when he forgets. I’m forgetful too.. It’s nice and fresh inside the house. Dinner smells good. I guess we’re not going to McDonald’s. Beans and rice it is. Beans and rice it always is. Well, dad didn’t come today. I guess he meant tomorrow. I’ll wait for him tomorrow. I’ll make a new and better drawing that he’ll like even more! I just hope tomorrow’s not as hot.. 

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